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We have facilitation, research and development expertise in Indigenous Leadership, Community Development, Cross-Cultural Training, VET Sector Courses and Training Materials, Family Support Services, and Coaching/Mentoring.


We facilitate large or small group gatherings from intimate focus group meetings to large scale training workshop and conference events.

We use a range of techniques and strategies enabling participants to work together confidently and effectively, particularly on sensitive or controversial issues.

Our cutting edge methods are designed to harness the power of group synergy where groups can achieve beyond what they imagined.


We undertake from small  social program reviews to large scale studies of social inquiry that can inform policy, program development and implementation.

We've collaborated with industry, academic and government research institutions, and travelled to remote, regional and urban parts of the country.

We utilise Indigenous research ethics and groundbreaking Indigenist research methodologies.


Participants in our workshops and gatherings have reported results from 'better than expected' to 'life changing'.   

We've produced or contributed to numerous reports, tools and resources designed to build the capacity of individuals, families and communities around the country.

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