We acknowledge the land and waters bequeathed by our ancestors.  We acknowledge our ancestors and the First Peoples of this land.  We acknowledge our families, communities, networks, associates and all who seek to learn from or contribute to growing our community of leaders, healers, educators, researchers, elders, thinkers and guardians of knowledge and wisdom.

Our practice is built on and guided by cultural integrity, strategic thinking, planning, innovation and a belief in the potential of every individual to succeed.

Lenora Thaker


In 1995 Lenora Thaker co-created Aronel Pty Ltd, the parent company of a number of successful business enterprises involving Early Childhood Education and consultancy .   

Lenora is nationally and internationally trained in research and facilitation.  She has travelled extensively and presented at statewide, national and international conferences.  She is recognised by her community for her advocacy and years of service to bettering the lives of Indigenous and non-Indigenous families. 

Lenora's family originates from the eastern and western Torres Strait Islands.